Japan (Tokyo)
Company Name : Navix Co., Ltd. (Head Office) 

Company Address : 8F, TK Gotanda Building 8-3-6 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-Ku Tokyo, Japan 141-0031

Tel       : +81 (0)3 3493 1691
Fax      : +81 (0)3 3493 1690

E-mail  : info@navix.jp

Capital : ¥38,000,000

Established : May 22, 1988

President : Hajime Matsumura

Business Description : Multilingual typesetting and DTP; design and production of manuals, catalogues and other materials; translation and interpretation; editing and proofreading; localization; overseas studies consultation; personnel recruitment and placement.

Number of Employees: 65


                                                                  * from JR Yamanote Line "Gotanda" station, 7-minute walk
                                                                  * from Toei Asakusa Line "Gotanda" station, 7-minute walk
                                                                  * from Tokyu Ikegami Line "Osaki-Hirokoji" station, 2-minute walk


China (Shanghai)

Let Navix take care of your translations in Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Mongolian, and other East Asian languages.

  ♦  You can count on us for all of your Chinese projects (in simplified or traditional characters).

Not only do we handle translation between Japanese and Chinese and between English and Chinese, but we also offer writing for advertising and tourist information, copywriting, graphics, web production, flyers, and production of POP materials.

  ♦  中文(简体字、繁体字)的工作请放心交给我们。日语⇔中文互译、英语⇔中文互译之外,公司也承接广告和旅游观光指南的写作、文案、画    刊、Web制作、彩页、POP制作的工作。

  ♦  Additionally, we offer printing services in China, market research, design that is oriented to the Chinese market, and language interpreting at exhibitions and events.

  ♦  公司还能提供中国国内的印刷、面向中国市场的设计、市场调查,以及展览会和各种活动的口译等业务。

  ♦  We also provide rapid services for other Asian languages, including Mongolian and Uyghur.

  ♦  即使是蒙古语、维吾尔语等亚洲语言的翻译也能快速应对。

Navix’s local subsidiary, Navix Shanghai Co., Ltd., has its office near Shanghai’s central People’s Square, facing Ninghai Road East on the 19th floor of the ShenXin Building. 
This world-renowned sightseeing area includes the beautiful Yu Garden, and the Waitan district and Oriental Pearl Tower near the Huangpu River offer exquisite nighttime views.
Continue along Yan’an Road East to find a thriving pedestrian-only tourist district full of great shopping and restaurants.
NAVIX 的当地法人Navix Shanghai Co., Ltd. (纳比信息系统(上海)有限公司),在上海市中心的人民广场附近的宁海东路上的申鑫大厦19楼设有办公地点。往附近的豫园、黄浦江方向去,有上海首屈一指的观光景点外滩(WaiTan)、东方明珠广播电视塔(上海电视塔),作为有着美丽夜景的观光景点,在世界范围内也是排名前列。
                Name / 名称 Navix Shanghai Co.,Ltd. 
                Address / 地址 Rm 1907, ShenXin Building, 200 Ninghai Road (E.), 
Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China
                Phone / 电话 TEL: 86 - 21 - 6374 - 6691/6692
                URL / 网址 http://www.navix.com.cn/
                Capital / 资金 16,000,000 JPY
                Established / 建立 February 2004
                Director / 代表 Bing Lu

Germany (Düsseldorf)

                Name: Navix Europe GmbH
                Established: September 1, 2010
                Director: Hajime Matsumura / Nozomi Takii
                Tel: +49 211 73 16 25 01
                URL: http://www.navix-europe.com/
                Address: Klosterstraße 49, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany